An enchanting twilight tale

A spontaneous late afternoon hike with friends led to this precipice above the Hollywood sign just moments after the sun dipped below the horizon and the waxing crescent moon revealed itself.

There is something so utterly magical about the interlude between sunset and nightfall when every sound in nature seems to hold its breath.

Crickets commence their nightly song upon nature’s exhalation. Darkness quickly ensues. The temperature drops.

Critters scuttle about in the underbrush as we make our way downhill in the quickly fading light. Now is not the time to linger for nocturnal creatures are stalking about.

Someone makes…

Poetry Prompt

My Little Free Library Obsession

I read more during the pandemic than I have in years. I blasted through Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone In The Dark and devoured A Moveable Feast — a collection of essays by an array of re-known travel writers, chefs, and food lovers and critics — including Anthony Bourdain and Pico Iyer.

I reread A Handmaid’s Tale and A Confederacy Of Dunces. I found inspiration in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and had my brain stimulated by Chuck Klosterman’s I Wear The Black Hat.

My daughter gifted me with Barrack Obama’s memoir for Christmas. Six months later, I’m still kind of…

We’re Halfway There

When The The One-Eyed Monster Rears Its Little Head

Erections. They occur suddenly and without warning. The wind picks up. Erection. Your team just won. Erection. You accidentally brush up against someone in a crowd. Erection. The hot girl lasciviously tonguing the sauce laden burger in that fast food commercial that aired during Sports Center.


From the classroom to the boardroom, the locker room to the dorm room. They happen. It matters not if you’re the postman or the President. No man escapes the utterly inconvenient, most unfortunate, spontaneous erection.

Oh, the humiliation.

Goddamn bitches. How dare you breast…

A Love Story

The Griffith Park dog park is situated between the LA River and the 134 freeway. I took my dogs there for the first time last summer and they loved it so much, I started going pretty much every afternoon. It didn’t take long to figure out who the regulars were and do the thing where you know all the dogs by name, but not the humans.

I typically spend my time at the dog park listening to podcasts while keeping an eye on my dogs, throwing tennis balls, and picking up dog poop — whether it belongs to my dogs…

When clean enough is good enough.

For the record, I am not a slob.

Like, my bed gets made every day, first thing in the morning. I deal with the snail mail on the spot. Drawers are reorganized on a regular basis and my closet gets cleaned out every six months or so. Marie Kondo would be so proud.

I’ve never been the kind of person who surveys the dinner party aftermath and says, oh, I’ll just clean up in the morning. Nor am I the sort who, upon returning from vacation, leaves my bags unpacked for three days. …

Sex With A Foot Fetishist

Circa 2009

Josh was into feet. So, of course I wore flip-flops.

My toenail polish, however, lacked its newly pedicured luster. It was just as well, since Josh told me he couldn’t stand the smell of freshly painted nail polish. But stinky, been-sweating-in-socks-all-day feet? He loved it. Kinda gross and weird, but who was I to judge?

I’d never met a self-proclaimed foot fetishist before and I have to admit, the kinky side of my curiosity was definitely piqued. As it happens, my feet are one of my better — and most under appreciated —…

A short but sweet Palm Springs retreat


That’s the last time I went on the kind of 7 to 10 day vacation that required a plane ride. Revisited Oahu. Stayed in a luxury timeshare. View of the Pacific from my balcony. Finally got to meet a dolphin face-to-face. It was awesome.


Last time I went away for a weekend. Spent two late December nights in a super cool Airbnb on the periphery of Joshua Tree. Upon arrival, I was greeted by two friendly Labradors who lived on property. …

You won’t hurt me. I promise.

Feeling a little dirty and kinda naughty, I hooked up with this super sexy guy I met on Plenty-Of-Fish. The whole thing was like an out of body experience. I don’t think I’d ever been so turned on. For once, I wasn’t stuck in my head obsessing about my burgeoning belly or dimpled inner thighs, so caught up in the moment was I.

At one point, he bent me over and gave it to me good. His hand met my ass in a searing collision and I liked it. A lot. It surprised me…

VV Valentine

Unapologetic adjective slut with hyperbolic tendencies. Sometimes I have thoughts & write about them.

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