Sex With A Foot Fetishist

My toes wearing my favorite nail polish: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. Photo credit: my friend, Donny

Circa 2009

Josh was into feet. So, of course I wore flip-flops.

My toenail polish, however, lacked its newly pedicured luster. It was just as well, since Josh told me he couldn’t stand the smell of freshly painted nail polish. But stinky, been-sweating-in-socks-all-day feet? He loved it. Kinda gross and weird, but who was I to judge?

I’d never met a self-proclaimed foot fetishist before and I have to admit, the kinky side of my curiosity was definitely piqued. As it happens, my feet are one of my better — and most under appreciated —…

A short but sweet Palm Springs retreat

Sunset over the San Jacintos. Original photo by me.


That’s the last time I went on the kind of 7 to 10 day vacation that required a plane ride. Revisited Oahu. Stayed in a luxury timeshare. View of the Pacific from my balcony. Finally got to meet a dolphin face-to-face. It was awesome.


Last time I went away for a weekend. Spent two late December nights in a super cool Airbnb on the periphery of Joshua Tree. Upon arrival, I was greeted by two friendly Labradors who lived on property. …

You won’t hurt me. I promise.

An original photo of me taken by a friend.

Feeling a little dirty and kinda naughty, I hooked up with this super sexy guy I met on Plenty-Of-Fish. The whole thing was like an out of body experience. I don’t think I’d ever been so turned on. For once, I wasn’t stuck in my head obsessing about my burgeoning belly or dimpled inner thighs, so caught up in the moment was I.

At one point, he bent me over and gave it to me good. His hand met my ass in a searing collision and I liked it. A lot. It surprised me…

When you live paycheck to paycheck

My iPhone captured my car’s current situation. Photo by author.

Millions of Americans are just one unexpected car repair or emergency dental bill away from total financial catastrophe.

I’m one of those people.

It’s not something I care to admit or even like to think about. There have been many nights when I’ve lain awake wondering how I’m going to scrape together the extra cash I’ll need to make that upcoming estimated tax payment because the IRS always wants what it wants when it wants it.

I spin out whenever I think too much about my financial future. I’m going to be 56 this…

by Imagi Nation

The gruesome remains. Photo by VVValentine

April 9, 2021

Another grim discovery.

At approximately 10:25am Thursday morning, a keen-eyed dog walker spotted the discarded remains as she drove westbound on Mulholland Highway. The dog walker immediately alerted authorities as soon as she safely pulled over at the Barbara A. Fine overlook — 0.5 miles west of the crime scene.

It was a gruesome display. The severed, heavily decomposed corpse was strewn about a narrow strip just inches from the asphalt.

The LAPD homicide division held a lunchtime news conference, where lead detective, Marcus Landry, informed reporters that he believes the deceased was likely…

And How Are You Today?

Could I be anymore pretentious? My OkCupid dating profile. Circa 2016

I officially retired from online dating in 2017. Ten years is a long time to continue doing the same thing over and over again and, well, you know what they say about that. So, in order to preserve my sanity, I deleted my all my accounts and left my love life in the hands of the gods.

It was truly one of the best decisions I ever made.

Still, as a woman in the throes of mid-life hormonal changes, I felt it might be prudent to keep on hand a few well-pointed reminders, just in…

An enchanting twilight tale

Lake Hollywood, October 19, 2020. Photo by author.

A spontaneous late afternoon hike with friends led to this precipice above the Hollywood sign just moments after the sun dipped below the horizon and the waxing crescent moon revealed itself.

There is something so utterly magical about the interlude between sunset and nightfall when every sound in nature seems to hold its breath.

Crickets commence their nightly song upon nature’s exhalation. Darkness quickly ensues. The temperature drops.

Critters scuttle about in the underbrush as we make our way downhill in the quickly fading light. Now is not the time to linger for nocturnal creatures are stalking about.

Someone makes…

When a community comes together

A couple of pine cones hanging out. Photo by author.

Berry Drive is a narrow, sinuous lane that snakes through the hills of Studio City. Although this gloriously verdant hilltop enclave casts a sort of rustic-y vibe, the folks who live in what’s known as the Berry Hilltop Community are anything but rustic.

These people drive Teslas and Range Rovers and all manner of luxury vehicles. Their multi-million dollar homes are obscured behind privacy hedges or mechanized security gates with 24-hour surveillance. The absence of sidewalks and curbside front yards hinders children from freely riding around on bikes and scooters and residents from getting chummy with their neighbors. …

When Lover Boy Loses It

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Newly separated from his wife due to his marital transgressions, and ten days new to Los Angeles, Eliot from NYC was currently camping out on the couch of one of the women with whom he had an affair.

Shit. At least he was upfront about it.

Forty-something and much better looking in person, Eliot was affable and chatty.

He was also unemployed with no potential prospects and no plan other than making it big as a personal trainer — except this is L.A. …

How The Pandemic Set Me On The Path To Better Living

My Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving 2019.

I spent the better part of the day confined to a kitchen that wasn’t designed to comfortably accommodate more than one person at a time. Years of entertaining experience taught me that limited space demanded organization. Any food prep or set up I could do ahead of time got done. I was expecting fourteen guests for dinner so I had to be on top of my game. I managed to seat everyone together at a singular table I cobbled together using whatever I had at my disposal…

VV Valentine

Unapologetic adjective slut with hyperbolic tendencies. Sometimes I have thoughts & write about them.

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